We have many animals at the Sanctuary that cannot be rehomed due to a variety of reasons.

They live with us here, and we do our best to make sure they live out their lives as happily as possible.

If you would like to help animals in our care but have not got the time or space to take on a pet yourself, why not sponsor one of our permanent residents.

You can sponsor for just £5 a month.

As a non profit Sanctuary which is run entirely by volunteers, we must rely on the generosity of good people to provide either money or actual food and bedding donations. Without these we would not be able to care for the many animals we support.

Many of our residents are old and/or have a past that means we cannot rehome them.  We also care for species that have been placed on the European Register as illegal animals, and must stay with us to see out their days at Kays Hill or be terminated.

For just £5 a month your regular donation will help feed and provide bedding for your chosen friend.

Sponsor Pack

With your sponsorship you will receive:

  • A Sponsor Certificate for your chosen animal
  • A Key Ring
  • A Drinks Mat
  • A Fridge Magnet
  • Entitlement to visit the Sanctuary as often you as wish (by appointment only).
  • A quarterly newsletter.

Sponsoring an animal is simple!

  1. Click on the animal you would like to sponsor.
  2. Complete the form and we will contact you to set everything up for you.



Violet is a gentle Shetland pony who suffers from very poor eyesight after having had a severe infection when young.


Pickle was left as a tiny piglet at our gate about 10 years ago. Always up to something, and not past a bit of gardening now and again. Pickle also LOVES pineapple.


Fred is a very friendly Coti. He rushes to the front of his enclosure to greet you and loves a tickle and stroke.