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Kevin Plummer, together with his team of volunteers, has dedicated his life to Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary for over 11 years.

With the assistance and support of his dedicated support team Kevin aspires to revamp the entire 15 acre Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary site. He will work towards making it accessible for local people to visit whilst maintaining, and where possible improving, the quality of life of all of the resident animals.

There is also an active re-homing function on site for rescued domestic pets. Cats, kittens, rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, rats, even chickens!

Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary is only able to function through the kind donations received from the general public. These could be something as simple as dropping an extra tin of cat food into one of our donation bins, or by making cash donations. These donations enable us to pay for those things that people don’t always think about like hay and straw, electricity, or for our large vet bills every month.

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2 months ago

Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary the home of Bildershaw Animal Rescue

Don't they look well!

Northumberland Country Zoo
We know you are going to LOVE this video, it needs no introduction...
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As previously posted, we have had an absolutely wonderful response to our appeal for help.

With over 800 offers of forever homes for the animals we are presently in the very fortunate position of being able to work through these and make absolutely sure that we are sending them to the very best homes.

We would like to advise that everyone who applied by email in the first few days after our announcement should now have received a response advising that we are beginning our selection process. We have had approximately a dozen emails which have bounced back despite numerous attempts to send a response. If you are one of those people who have not had an interim letter we apologise.

We are now very fortunate to have the time to make sure we can go through a robust selection and notification process. This will result in either :-

1. A thank you letter advising that the animal you have shown interest in has been rehomed or...

2. A further letter to you giving more details of the animal and asking for information about your set up.

We will then narrow down the applicants and invite to view. There will also be a need to undertake home visits in many cases. Where appropriate licenses, letters of permission etc are required, we will need evidence of these .

We are receiving expert guidance and assistance from our friends in local sanctuaries and animal rescues and have also had offers of assistance from many professional bodies, whom we can call upon to ensure that we adhere to the necessary regulations.

We hope to complete the rehoming of all our animals over the coming weeks. Again, your patience but continued commitment to rehome is appreciated.

Finally we would like to thank everyone who has offered help, support or even just shared our post. This has resulted in the assurance that all our animals are going to get good homes, and you have helped us to make this happen.

Thank you.

The Team at Kays Hill
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We have received over 700 emails with offers of help from other rescues and competent individuals.

We have now disabled the messaging function for our page on Facebook as we find it impossible for us to co-ordinate responses to these messages effectively.

We are delighted to say that we are now able to feel confident that all of our animals can be successfully re-homed. There is now however a massive task ahead in making sure that licensing, transport, accommodation, and suitability of new homes assessment is undertaken.

Our volunteers are now busy working through the mailbox and will respond to everyone in the near future. If you have messaged through Facebook then we will get to you eventually but this may take some time.

Please note that there is no public access to the Sanctuary. Visits are by appointment only.
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Please can everyone use email admin@bildershaw-animal-rescue.com to make contact with us rather than commenting on our Facebook posts.. We cannot coordinate facebook messages effectively. We are delighted at the level of positive response, but need to keep it more easily manageable. Thank you. ... See MoreSee Less

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