Every year hundreds of animals become homeless for many reasons. Our mission is to locate and rescue abandoned or homeless animals around the country and provide a better life for them. Just like human beings they need love, care and of course they also need a safe caring home. Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary provides a safe haven, and a caring environment for any animal we find in need. We have a large number of long term residents at Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary as well as a very busy re-homing centre which operates as Bildershaw Animal Rescue. We are entirely staffed by volunteers and funded by donations. Our registered charity (Friends of Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary - No.1153233) co-ordinates fund-raising and provides support for for our volunteers and fundraisers. Our very active team of fundraisers organise many varied events to support us. Details of future planned events can be found by clicking on our Events page in the website menu. A number of companies, schools and individuals have Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary as their charity of choice. This support is really appreciated and links to their websites can be found at the bottom of this page.



Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary operates a policy of continuous improvement for the welfare of rescued animals. We operate a no kill policy and we re-home only where it is appropriate.


Success Stories

We love to hear from people who have re-homed our animals. It is so satisfying and heart warming to see our former residents in their forever homes and to see how well they are adapting to their new lives. You can see some of the most recent feedbacks we have had by clicking the ``re-home`` button on the top menu and then select ``success stories``.


Whatever your contribution it will make a huge difference to us and encourage us to continue our work here at Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary.


We have lots of beautiful animals in our care, all looking for their forever home. You can view them on our Re-home page.

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You can help with the care and support we provide for rescued animals by sponsoring. View them on our Sponsor page.

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We have over 200 animals in our care. Our volunteers care for them unconditionally. Find out how you could help on our Volunteer page.

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Success Stories

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42 Adoptions this year
73 Donations this year
23 Sponsored this year

Our Team

Team Member

Kevin Plummer

Owner of Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary

Team Member

Harry Marshall

Webmaster and IT co-ordinator

Harry produces the website for Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary. He co-ordinates our social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. Harry is also the Chairman of Trustees for The Friends of Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary registered charity.

Team Member

Eunice Keeligan


Eunice manages the back office, paperwork, volunteer rotas and the day to day admin in the sanctuary. Additionally, Eunice is secretary for the Trustees of our registered charity Friends of Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary.

Team Member


Our TEAM of dedicated helpers and carers

Our volunteers come from various backgrounds but all share a common love of living creatures. From Corn Snakes to Cotimundis, meerkats to pigs, donkeys to dogs - all these creatures live at Kays Hill Animal Sanctuary and are loved by our team.


Feed back from our Volunteers and messages from people who have provided a forever home for one of our animals.

Friends and Supporters

We are delighted to have the support of the following companies, charities and organisations.